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Arkham Horror - Kingsport Horror Expansion

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Expansion for:  
Arkham Horror

A big-box expansion for Arkham Horror. The Great Old Ones return to Massachusetts and this time they are unleashing their monsters on Kingsport. Join new investigators to combat new creatures before battling a new Ancient One. Can you save the world before they stir in their slumber....

Kingsport includes a board, 8 investigators, 4 new Ancient Ones, 2 Heralds, 3 Guardians (like Heralds, but helpful rather than hurtful) and tons of cards and monsters

# of Players:
1 - 8
Avg Play Time:
120 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Hand Management Dice Rolling Chit-Pull System Co-operative Play
Published By:
Fantasy Flight Games
Designed By:
Kevin Wilson

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