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This page provides you with the latest on what is happening in the Edmonton Board Gaming League (EBGL). To receive the League newsletters or get access to the community forums, you will need to register for league play.

Wingspan Tournament Results!

Aug 20, 2023

The Wingspan tournament ended on August 18th with first place being tied between Bob L and between Chris S with 10 points (2W,0S,1P,2T,0L,0GW) over the three days. Second place went to three-way tie between Adam A, Lance P, and Steven L with 8 points (1W,1S,1P,2T,0L,0GW)

Special thanks to those who bought the game for this event or spent time pulling out just the base game from all of the Wingspan expansions!

Dune: Imperium (w/ Rise of Ix) Tournament Results!

Jun 24, 2023

The Dune: Imperium with Rise of Ix tournament ended on June 23rd with first place going to Patrick C with 10 points (2W,0S,1P,2T,0L,0GW) over the three days. Second place was tied between Jason E and Lance P with 8 points (1W,1S,1P,2T,0L,0GW)

Thanks to everyone who brought or purchased copies of both the game and expansion to help make the tournament successful!

WOAH, 15 Years!

May 12, 2023

Hard to believe we've been gaming for over 15 years now (not counting the pandemic years)! Thanks to our dedicated organizers and devoted members for making it easy to run one of Canada's largest tabletop gaming clubs since 2006!

2023 ThematiCON

May 07, 2023

The EBGL's 2023 ThematiCON event was held on Saturday, May 6th with the theme "Games older than 10 Years". Congrats to the big prize winners (as shown in the photo from left to right): Rob D, John E, Mike I, and Lance P.

Also, congratulations to Richard F for winning the right to pick all four games for the first focus game poll of the 2024 season!

Thanks to all who took time out of their busy schedules to attend and make this event a lot of fun!


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