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The Haunting House

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The goal of The Haunting House is to be the first to escape a haunted house that the players have entered. The haunted house is made up by randomly laying out tiles in a 6x6 square making up the floor plan and then adding entrance and exit tiles at opposing edges.

Each player then gets a set of cards symbolizing different actions. Each turn consists of two phases: a planned phase and a random phase. During the planned phase each player secretly select a sequence of cards that define that player's actions that turn (somewhat reminiscent of RoboRally). After finishing that turn, the random turn follows where a number of random cards are drawn and executed, throwing the players off track from their plans. During the random phase, a few cards are inserted into each player's card set that cannot be chosen during the planned phase. Apart from normal move cards, there are also special action cards that may for instance move the exit or things like that.

# of Players:
2 - 6
Avg Play Time:
45 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Modular Board
Published By:
Twilight Creations, Inc.
Designed By:
Kerry Breitenstein

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