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Adam A

Joined: 01, 2019
Member for: 1 Years, 11 Months
Member Status: Active Player
Last Event Attended: 2023-09-01
Last Game Played: Open Gaming Event

Career Statistics:

First Place Wins: 3
Second Place Wins: 7
Draws: 0
Losses: 9
Penalties: 0
Scored Games Played: 19
Total Games Played: 19
Win-Loss %: 52.6

Career Achievements:

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League Awards:

2019 Rookie of the Year

Gamer Biography:

I started becoming interested in board gaming in 2014 when me and my now-wife tried out a board game café on one of our first dates. Since then I have started a modest collection of games and have occasional game nights with friends and family which we all seem to enjoy very much. I’m interested in joining the EBGL to play games more frequently and meet more people that enjoy the hobby as much as I do. Games I enjoy include Pandemic Legacy, Cosmic Encounter, Betrayal at House on the Hill, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Catan and many others.

Game Library:

This member is not sharing any games currently.

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