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Sebastien C

Joined: Jan, 2010
Member Status: Benched
Last Event Attended: 2010-02-26
Last Game Played: Battlestar Galactica

Career Statistics:

First Place Wins: 1
Second Place Wins: 0
Draws: 1
Losses: 3
Penalties: 0
Scored Games Played: 5
Total Games Played: 5
Win-Loss %: 20.0

Career Achievements:

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League Awards:

Member has no awards at this time.

Gamer Biography:

Christmas 2006, I received Carcassonne, since then I never stop buying and playing games. I now have approximately 40 base games (80 if I include all expansion that I usually buy when I buy new games).

My favourite games are: Agricola, Puerto Rico, LeHavre, Shogun, Yspahan, RailRoad Tycoon, TTR Europe, Settler of Catan, Carcassonne, Supremacy, and generally all strategy games.

I listed my games owned on my profile at boardgamegeek.com.

Game Library:

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