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Mike K

Joined: Aug, 2011
Member Status: Benched
Last Event Attended: 2018-06-29
Last Game Played: Practice Event

Career Statistics:

First Place Wins: 9
Second Place Wins: 2
Draws: 0
Losses: 23
Penalties: 0
Scored Games Played: 34
Total Games Played: 37
Win-Loss %: 32.4

Career Achievements:

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League Awards:

2015 Most Improved Player

Gamer Biography:

I've been playing boardgames most of my life, with sometime rather long stints of time off. When I was young, I played D&D with a few of my close friends, one of which got me into Talisman. My brother was also pretty involved in board games, and ended up creating games we would play on holidays. I've played all the sorry, life, monopoly ect games, but some of the better ones we're Shogun, Axis and Allies, Risk and tons of Talisman. Very interested in expanding my library of games, friends that play and playing time.

Game Library:

This member is sharing the following games with the League:

Title (click to sort)
Shogun (Samurai Swords)
Settlers of Catan
Settlers of Catan - The 5 - 6 Player Expansion
Axis & Allies
Talisman (4th Edition)
Talisman: The Frostmarch Expansion
The Hobbit
Mutant Chronicles: Seige of the Citadel
Key to the Kingdom
Dark World
Dark World : Dragon's Gate
Dragon Masters
Quest For the Philosophers Stone
Railways of the World
Princes of Florence
The Resistance
Dead of Winter
Shadows over Camelot
Twilight Imperium (3rd Edition)
Tide of Iron
Star Wars:X-Wing Miniatures Game
Blue Max
Cutthroat Caverns
Federation Commmander Romulan Border
Forbidden Stars
Chaos in the Old World
Terraforming Mars

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