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Jean D

Joined: Oct, 2015
Member Status: Active Player
Last Event Attended: 2018-08-18
Last Game Played: Special Event

Career Statistics:

First Place Wins: 1
Second Place Wins: 4
Draws: 0
Losses: 9
Penalties: 0
Scored Games Played: 14
Total Games Played: 14
Win-Loss %: 35.7

Career Achievements:

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League Awards:

Member has no awards at this time.

Gamer Biography:

I’ve been playing games for over 10 years. I recently had to move my game collection from one bookcase in the living room into three bookcases in my home office due to them not being actually fitting in the bookcase. I have been looking for a group of players that I can play new games and other games that interest me. Having played with EBGL members at the recent Gamealot, this seems like a great group to play with.

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Dungeon Petz

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