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David M

Joined: Nov, 2010
Member Status: Benched
Last Event Attended: 2011-01-07
Last Game Played: A Game of Thrones

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First Place Wins: 0
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Draws: 0
Losses: 0
Penalties: 0
Scored Games Played: 0
Total Games Played: 1
Win-Loss %: 0.0

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Gamer Biography:

I have never partook of a serious gaming community before but I very much enjoy playing player vs player games (both video and board varieties). Personal favorite board games include Risk (LOTR and Classic), Settlers of Catan, Chess, Monopoly,and Gobblet. For card games I am a fan of whist type games and am proficient at black jack. A number of years ago I was really into Yu-Gi-Oh but I have on one to compete against anymore. I don't think this is really applicable but I game online quite a bit. Main games include Halo (everything), Starcraft 2, Half Life, CoD, BFME 2, and L4D2. I'd like to join EBGL because I thoroughly enjoy gaming, but because I don't have many other friends who do, I don't get to play nearly enough to satisfy my craving.

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