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Antonio B

Joined: Jun, 2017
Member Status: Active Player
Last Event Attended: 2019-06-07
Last Game Played: Stone Age

Career Statistics:

First Place Wins: 6
Second Place Wins: 4
Draws: 0
Losses: 8
Penalties: 0
Scored Games Played: 18
Total Games Played: 18
Win-Loss %: 55.6

Career Achievements:

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League Awards:

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Gamer Biography:

I've been a long time board gamer that really started to pick up in 1998. I would often purchase a new game and invite friends over to play from the early years of World of Warcraft and Twilight Imperium to more of the European Games like Catan and Agricola. With two young children I've also been exposed to more family friendly titles. Currently I have a lack of experience with LCG's but a broad background with cooperative, deck builders, resource management, and strategy games ie: Risk, Bloodrage. I would like to join EBGL to network with more people that have the same interests. Become more exposed to other types of games, and when it comes down to it to have fun.

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