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FFA Game Selected for Feb 27th

Feb 09, 2009

Thanks to everyone who voted, the February 27th Free-For-All game will be Talisman 4th Edition. We currently have 3 copies in the club, with at least one more member looking to pick up a copy before the event.

Agricola a success!

Jan 10, 2009

The league played their first couple games of Agricola last night and it turned out to be quite a success. With so many variants included and so many ways each variant can play out, it's not surprising that it's currently the #1 board game.

First 2009 Game of Focus Selected

Jan 01, 2009

Thanks to everyone who managed to vote in December, the January - February 2009 Game of focus will be: Agricola! Be sure to share your copy with the league if you own it.

2009 Season has started!

Jan 01, 2009

Welcome EBGL gamers to a new year of gaming! As most of you already know, there are plenty of changes to the club this year, particular around scoring and the prize pool so please make sure you read the forums and understand the new rules.

The first game night of the season is on January 9th.

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