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Agricola Tournament Results - Congrats Chris F!

Feb 13, 2009

The Agricola tournament ended this week, with Chris F. declared the winner, scoring a total of 8 points (3W, 1L) over the two days. Second place was Brent with 6 points (2W, 2L), followed closely by Mark with 5 points (2W, 0L).

Big thanks to all our members who showed up and competed!

Special Thanks!

Feb 12, 2009

The EBGL would like to extend a special Thank-You to the following companies for their donations and/or support to the club:

Brett and Richard, Venatic Games (www.duelofages.com)
John, Mission: Fun & Games (www.boardgames.ca)

FFA Game Selected for Feb 27th

Feb 09, 2009

Thanks to everyone who voted, the February 27th Free-For-All game will be Talisman 4th Edition. We currently have 3 copies in the club, with at least one more member looking to pick up a copy before the event.

Agricola a success!

Jan 10, 2009

The league played their first couple games of Agricola last night and it turned out to be quite a success. With so many variants included and so many ways each variant can play out, it's not surprising that it's currently the #1 board game.

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