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2017 ThematiCON Results!

Aug 13, 2017

The EBGL's 2017 ThematiCON event was held on Saturday, August 12th and the theme this year (as voted by our members) was "Space Exploration" games.

Congrats to the following players on their awards:
Lance P - Grand Prize (winner of the First Focus Game Selection in the 2018 Season)
Shawn R, Steven L, Rob D - Secondary Prize (winners of +1 focus game submission in the 2018 Season)
Jim C (x3), Seven L, Chris S, Mike I - Tertiary Prize (winners of +1 focus game vote in the 2018 Season)
Jim C - Winner of the grand door prize (Firefly: The Game - Star Wars Expansion)

Thanks to everyone who helped make this event successful - especially our sponsor (Mission: Fun & Games) for the use of their store for the event.

Cry Havoc Tournament Results!

Aug 07, 2017

The Cry Havoc tournament ended on August 4th with first place being tied between Corey G and Patrick C with 10 points (2W,0S,1P,2T,0L,0GW) over the three days. Second place was tied between Rob D and Steven L with 8 points (1W,1S,1P,2T,0L,0GW)

Thanks to everyone who purchased copies of the game and helped teach it!

July & August Game of Focus Announced!

Jun 11, 2017

Thanks to all of our members who submitted their vote, the EBGL's July & August 2017 focus game will be: Cry Havoc!

If you do own a copy of Cry Havoc or are willing to purchase it, please let us know! We'll need at least 8 copies for the upcoming focus event starting Friday, July 7th!

Terraforming Mars Tournament Results!

Jun 11, 2017

The Terraforming Mars tournament ended on June 9th with the first place position tied between Jim C, Patrick C, Mike I, and Newson L with 10 points (2W,0S,1P,2T,0L,0GW) over the three days. Second place went to Corey G and rookie Lance P with 7 points (1W,0S,1P,2T,0L,0GW)

Thanks to the members who purchased copies of the game and brought some amazing snacks during this focus tournament!

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