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Member Registration Temporarily Suspended

Jan 19, 2017

Due to the high volume of applications we've received for our 2017 season, we regret to announce that we have had to temporarily suspend new member registration. Those applicants currently in the queue have already been notified and their applications will be processed before we decide to re-open registration.

As with any gaming league, there are limits to the number of active players we can have in our roster or even in the space we use so we will need some time to let the dust settle for the season before we re-open registration to new players.

January & February Game of Focus Announced!

Jan 04, 2017

The EBGL's first focus game of the 2017 season will be: Dungeon Petz!

If you are a member and already own this games or are willing to purchase it for the upcoming focus, please let us know! We'll need at least 8 copies.

The Dungeon Petz focus starts on Friday, January 20th!

The 2017 EBGL Season is Starting Soon!

Jan 02, 2017

Welcome back EBGL Players for another great season in 2017!

The 2017 League Schedule has been posted here. This year we're starting up a couple weeks later than usual, but we'll run a little later into November to make up for it.

The 2017 League Roster, snack schedule, and game purchase rotations are also now updated and full of many new faces this year. As always, we wish all of our retired 2016 players best wishes in whatever their lives have in store for them.

Good luck and happy gaming to all of our players in 2017!

2016 EBGL Award Winners and Season End!

Oct 29, 2016

The 2016 Edmonton Board Gaming League season officially ended on October 14th and this year's award winners were announced during the October 28th awards ceremony event. On behalf of the entire club and our sponsors, we'd like to congratulate the following members on their awards:

2016 League Champion (highest league rating) - Callan B & Michael F (tied!)
2016 Third Place - (third highest league rating) - Chris F
2016 Rookie of the Year - Chris S
2016 Most Tournaments Won (most tournament event wins) - Callan B
2016 Most Achievements Earned (most club/game achievements earned) - Jim C
2016 Most Improved Player (most improved league rating) - Callan B
2016 Highest Win-Loss Percentage - Chris F
2016 Most Second Place Wins - Newson L
2016 Most Member Referrals - Sean S
2016 Best Snacks - (as voted by our members) - Shawn T

Despite the economic downturn, this was another amazing season for the EBGL, with an increase in the number of special events and overall cash and awards back to our members. As always, huge thanks to our primary (gold) sponsor: Mission: Fun & Games for supporting us!

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