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2009-08-07 - Chris B earned the "I'm baaaack!" achievement.

2009-08-07 - Casey M earned the "The new member's luck" achievement.

2009-08-07 - Casey M earned the "I found the club on Google" achievement.

2009-07-28 - Casey M joined the League.

2009-07-14 - Nathan earned the "I'm baaaack!" achievement.

2009-07-10 - First game of Tannhäuser played by the League.

2009-06-24 - Jeff W joined the League.

2009-06-12 - Chris F earned the "Human Sympathizer" achievement.

2009-06-12 - Jeff W earned the "We weren't going to eat that anyway" achievement.

2009-06-12 - Jen T earned the "Infamous Cylon" achievement.

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