Edmonton Board Gaming League

Ground Floor

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The day has come. The paperwork is complete, the registration filed, and the business cards purchased you're open for business! So now what? Where do you spend your time? Where do you spend your money? Which tasks are most important? What should take priority? Should you hire new employees? Or maybe invest in a marketing campaign? These are just some of the decisions facing you as a fresh entrepreneur who dreams of running a successful business. You must excel at balancing your time, money and staff because all are scarce and all are required to thrive.

So barter with your fellow colleagues, manage your staff, collect information, expand your office, or schedule your next product shipment. It's up to you after all, it's your business. Of course, no matter which route you decide to take to reach that corner office at the top of the tallest skyscraper, you must start with everyone else...

...on the Ground Floor!

# of Players:
2 - 6
Avg Play Time:
150 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Worker Placement
Published By:
Tasty Minstrel Games
Designed By:
David Short

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Edmonton Board Gaming League