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Earth Reborn

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After 500 years, two factions emerge from their underground cities into a new world, an Earth reborn from nuclear disaster.

12 highly detailed miniatures represent the two factions which are

NORAD military in thinking and origins. Scientists, engineers, add to their strength.

SALEMITES occultists working with cadavers, bringing the dead to life.

Soon after emerging, these two factions meet and it is determined that they cannot live together in peace.

Earth Reborn offers nine scenarios that take you through missions of rescue, retrieval, and escort through areas of labs, mansions, towns, and more. Each scenario builds upon the rules of a new chapter the game system is built like a tutorial. There are core rules to start the game, and each chapter offers 1 to 3 new rules along with a scenario that uses these new rules.

The game also contains the innovative S.A.G.S. Scenario Auto Generating System, where 2 to 4 players can make their own maps and mission objectives for near infinite replayability!

Other features include

1. A Tetris like board construction using polyomino floor tiles.
2. An order tiles system to give commands to your miniatures.
3. Interrupt Duels with Bluff, betting command points to interrupt an enemy character and act during another players turn.
4. The I.P.S. Iconographic Phrasing System that allows almost any effect to occur with icons, totally language independent.
5. Colored base arcs on miniatures to simplify Line of Sight, shooting, and close combat. It also multiplies characters variations and possibilities.
6. The Search rule, giving a visceral feeling to searching in rooms to find equipment.
7. A Mission Points track that also serves as a Morale Points track.
8. Radio Scrambling to mess with your opponents orders.

# of Players:
2 - 4
Avg Play Time:
180 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Action Point Allowance System ,Card Drafting , Dice Rolling , Grid Movement,Hand Management ,
Published By:
Z-Man Games
Designed By:
Christophe Boelinger

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