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This game is based upon Richard Borg's Command and Colors system. The world of BattleLore meshes history and fantasy together - putting players in command of an array of miniature troops on the battlefields of a Medieval Europe Uchronia at the outset of the Hundred Years War.

Drawing on the strengths of Memoir '44, Days of Wonder's newest game takes the time-tested Command and Colors system to a new level and offers gamers of many backgrounds a chance to fight medieval battles with a dose of epic fantasy.

In this fantastical re-imagining of the Hundred Years War, French and English armies are supplemented with Goblins and Dwarves mercenaries and even some creatures like Giant Spider and Earth Elemental! Just as important as the armies you have, though, are the Lore Masters you choose to aid you: Wizards, Clerics, Warriors and Rogues can all aid you with unique powers and spells in ways role-playing gamers will find familiar.

# of Players:
2 - 2
Avg Play Time:
60 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Dice Rolling Campaign/Battle Card Driven Modular Board Variable Player Powers Hand Management
Published By:
Days of Wonder
Designed By:
Richard Borg

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Members sharing this game:  
Shawn R, Joe T

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