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Ticket To Ride: Marklin Edition

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Ticket to Ride - Märklin Edition is the third installment in Days of Wonder's best-selling Ticket to Ride series. The board for the Märklin Edition is based on a map of Germany and each individual card in the deck depicts a different Märklin Trains model. A DVD introducing players to the Märklin line of model trains is included.

Passenger figures are used to pick up merchandise tokens worth different numbers of points along the routes that they claim.

The player who completes the most destination tickets receives a 10 point bonus (instead of the base game's longest route bonus).

# of Players:
2 - 5
Avg Play Time:
45 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Card Drafting, Hand Management, Route/Network Building, Set Collection
Published By:
Days of Wonder
Designed By:
Alan R Moon

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