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Set in the mythical city of Cadwallon. Arcana pits you against up to three other opponents in a high stake power struggle for your guild.

Each player represents one of the great guilds of Cadwallon: the guild of Blades, the guild of Ferrymen, the guild of Thieves, and the guild of Usurers. Based on the number of players in the game you have a certain number of 'Stakes' areas. Players battle for control of cards that come up in each stakes area each turn. A major key of the game is that the stakes areas closest to your guild allow you to play your cards face down, allowing for surprise and bluffing.

# of Players:
2 - 4
Avg Play Time:
60 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Auction/Bidding, Card Drafting, Hand management, Trick-taking
Published By:
Alderac Entertainment Group, Axel, Dust Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Pegasus Spiele
Designed By:
Damien Desnous

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