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Dread Pirate

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Dread Pirate is an elegantly presented family game. The best pirate wins by accumulating the most treasure. This is accomplished by engaging in legitimate trading at foreign ports, or by attacking and plundering jewels and coins from opposing captains.

The Signature Edition of this game is packaged in a wooden treasure chest and includes a board in the form of an aged treasure map, three knuckle bones (dice), four treasure sacks, four diecast metal ships, one wind cube, forty-eight Dread Pirate cards, four map cards, fifty replica doubloons, 120 treasure jewels, rulebook, and captainís log.

The Bookshelf Edition is packaged in a wooden bookshelf box and includes all of the components of the Signature Edition.

# of Players:
2 - 4
Avg Play Time:
60 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Roll and Move
Published By:
Front Porch Classics
Designed By:
Steve Edmiston

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