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Puerto Rico

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The players are plantation owners in Puerto Rico in the days when ships had sails. Growing up to five different kind of crops: Corn, Indigo, Coffee, Sugar and Tobacco, they must try to run their business more efficiently than their close competitors; growing crops and storing them efficiently, developing San Juan with useful buildings, deploying their colonists to best effect, selling crops at the right time, and most importantly, shipping their goods back to Europe for maximum benefit.

A novel game system lets players choose the order of the phases in each turn by allowing each player to choose a role from those remaining when it is their turn. No role can be selected twice in the same round. The player who selects the best roles to advance their position during the game will win.

# of Players:
3 - 5
Avg Play Time:
90 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Variable Phase Order
Published By:
Rio Grande Games, Alea, Ravensburger,Tilsit, Devir
Designed By:
Andreas Seyfarth

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