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Carcassonne - Catapult

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The newest "large" expansion for Carcassonne.
12 new tiles with a fair symbol are added to the game. When a player draws a fair tile, they place it and then a "catapult round" begins.
For the first time, action/dexterity is added to the Carcassonne series. In a catapult round, players attempt to launch special tokens with the wooden catapult. Players have one each of four different kinds of tokens that determine what kind of catapult action is to be taken: Knock out tokens try to remove meeples; Seduction tokens try to swap meeples; Target tokens try to hit the fair tile; Catch tokens must be caught for points.

* 12 land tiles
* Catapult
* Measuring board
* 24 catapult tokens

# of Players:
2 - 6
Avg Play Time:
30 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Area Control, Tile Placement
Published By:
Hans im Glück, Lautapelit.fi, Rio Grande Games, Schmidt France
Designed By:
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

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