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Chez Greek

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"Panty raids. Hazing. Many, many kegs. And, of course, beer, sleep, and nookie.

It's the hit Chez Geek, moved to a frat house. (Or sorority. Or both.) Pick your major. (Botany? Babes? Beer?) Tap a keg or two. Party hard, and try not to think about Finals Week.

Chez Greek is completely compatible with the original game, with a few little twists to keep things interesting. (Are we really going to include drinking and strip rules? Wait and see.)"

# of Players:
2 - 6
Avg Play Time:
60 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Card Game, Party Game
Published By:
Steve Jackson Games
Designed By:
Jon Darbro

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Shawn R

Expanded By:  
Chez Geek 3: Block Party

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