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Duel of Ages Set 4 - Royal Tournament

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Expansion for:  
Duel of Ages Set 1 - Worldspanner

The Royal Tournament calls you to daring feats. Prepare to challenge at the jousts, in the skirmish fields and on the archery range. Feast everyone else under the table, or regale the court with epic tales. Great deeds will win new allies.

Take to your wings, using new characters, creatures and equipment with the gift of flight. Acquire new oddities, with 52 new equipment items and 19 new Characters

# of Players:
2 - 16
Avg Play Time:
120 minutes
Game Mechanics:
Modular Board, Dice Rolling, Co-operative Play, Area Movement, Simulation
Published By:
Venatic Games
Designed By:
Brett G. Murrell

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