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Membership & League Information

Officially formed in May, 2006, the Edmonton Board Gaming League focuses on bringing a variety of gamers in the Capital Region (Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, etc) together to learn, master, and compete in all genres of tabletop games: board games, card games, miniatures games, and more!

Every two months or so, our members vote for a single game for the League to focus on. Each focus game will start with at least one practice night to learn the game followed by two consecutive tournament nights. A combination of attendance and score on these three nights count towards each member's league rating. The member who scores the highest league rating over the three focus game events wins the focus game tournament (and could earn additional points!).

Every 3-4 months the EBGL hosts or helps organize an optional weekend or evening "Special Event" for members only, where there may be an entry fee but door prizes and awards are typically given out to attendees.

In-between each focus tournament we host an "Open Gaming" night where members are free to bring and play any game they want. Attendance and score is not counted at all on these nights. Open Gaming nights are always a good night to bring out older, out-of-print games that we don't normally get to see much.


The Edmonton Board Gaming League is closely partnered with it's largest commercial supporter and sponsor, Mission: Fun & Games, in St. Albert. As a result, the EBGL hosts most events in the large, private games room at the Mission: Fun & Games store in St. Albert.


As with any gaming organization, the Edmonton Board Gaming League comes with a few expenses that are shared by the members. There is no official annual or monthly fee (yet), but we do expect members to cover the following:

Snacks. Throughout the year members will take turns providing snacks and drinks for the game nights (at present, each member is responsible for snacks once every 10-12 months). The league organizer will always inform the snack person of the attendance numbers at least two days prior to the game night. In 2015, the average cost of supplying snacks for an event was approximately $85 CAD.

Games. Members will take turns buying a copy of the "game of focus" if insufficient copies are owned by members of the league. We always ask if any members are interested in buying the game before assigning someone. Because of this, members usually only have to buy 1 game a year. Games purchased by members are theirs to own, but should be left with the League organizers until that game is no longer "in focus". In 2016, the average cost of a focus game was approximately $92 CAD.

[Optional] Prize Pool. At the beginning of each season, members have the option to put money into the League's Prize Pool. At the end of the year, members who participated in the prize pool are eligible to win prizes purchased from the total funds accumulated. Not participating in the prize pool will not, in any way, prevent a member from playing any games, attending any events, or winning any of the regular league awards.


Attendance. League play nights are officially every second Friday (bi-weekly). A few days before every game night an email is sent reminding members of the upcoming event. It is the member's responsibility to respond if they plan to attend before the RSVP deadline or else it will be assumed they are not attending. Because this is a league environment, we do expect our members to attend at least one of the official club events every three months. Beyond the minimum expectations, everyone in the club is welcome and encouraged to attend as often as possible. If at least 4 people are not signed up for a league play night, it will be cancelled.

Judges. Each league play night (and especially tournament nights) one member per table will be assigned as a "Judge", meaning they are responsible for reading the rule book and making final calls on any rule disputes. On practice nights, the owners of the games are automatically judges.

Scoring & Stats. To encourage competitiveness, every member has a recorded "league rating" in addition to other stats, such as number of wins, second place wins, draws, losses, practices attended, etc. Attendance and earning "victories" on any official league events combine to build your overall league rating. The member with the highest league rating at the end of the EBGL season (10 months long) will earn the coveted League Champion title.

Mandatory Bonus Fun

Achievements. In the name of fun, players can also try to earn special achievements during official league events by completing amazing feats during tournament games, performing safe, unintentional acts of silliness, or getting into special events where attendance is limited. These achievements are applied to a player's permanent league profile for bragging rights - and could help one earn the coveted "most achievements" award at the end of year.

Awards. At the end of every year the EBGL hosts a special awards night to formally announce and hand out awards and prizes to members who have shown top performance that year in areas such as "League Champion", "Rookie of the Year", "Most Improved Player", and even "Best Snacks".

Promotional Events. The EBGL is always looking for gaming industry and local game store sponsors and/or partners. We will, occassionally, work with our sponsors to promote their products/stores in return for certain benefits to our club members, such as free advertising, tournament and door prizes, discounts, and more! For example: recently we teamed up with the Edmonton Oilers/Oil Kings to host the first ever Board Game Bonanza event at Rexall Place. Member involvement in these events is strongly encouraged and will always count towards their league rating.

If this interests you at all, click HERE to register to become a league member today!

Edmonton Board Gaming League